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Coast redwoods,
Big Basin Redwoods State Park, CA
Copyright Larry Ulrich
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Larry Ulrich Stock Photography, Inc. was founded by Larry and Donna Ulrich in 1972. Their extensive travel around the world in search of special places with special light has resulted in one of the finest collections of nature photography available to publishers. Their special interest in wilderness and wildflowers has enriched their portfolio with images of exceptional beauty and color.

Larry and Donna's success in marketing their own images has made it possible for them to invite other fine nature and wildlife photographers to join them in presenting their images to the stock photo marketplace. The combined portfolios of these exceptional photographers consists of more than 50,000 top quality and carefully selected transparencies spanning a wide variety of subjects from wilderness to Americana, wildflowers to urban scenery, from locations all around the world.

Our History

Larry and I first moved to Trinidad, on the Northern California coast, because of its stunning beauty. The ocean caught our hearts at first, but we found that the redwood groves to the north were what most excited us photographically. Larry was trying to expand his portfolio and decided he needed to focus on something that both challenged and interested him, and redwood photography was an obvious candidate. The first roll of color film Larry ever shot was in the redwoods, we lived close to the subject and we needed to keep travel expenses down. Redwood photography was a niche we could easily, and gladly, fill. It was a natural choice, and we began to spend several days a week in the state and national parks, photographing the world's tallest trees. We spent so much time there that we began to refer to it as "The Office".

The next ten years were spent selling photographic prints on the streets of Berkeley and San Francisco and at craft fairs throughout the West, where we learned much about what the public likes in photographic art. As our redwood portfolio grew, we began to venture out to new places, exploring Oregon and Washington first. We then expanded our travels to the deserts of Arizona and Utah, and eventually to the East for fall color.

Our primary photographic tools since 1975 have been several generations of Arca Swiss 4X5 field view cameras. We also use this camera for medium and panoramic formats by using Horseman 120 roll film backs. Lenses for the Arca are from several manufacturers and range from 47mm to 500mm. For 35mm work we use a Nikon 8008 with lenses from 24mm to 300 mm. The only filter we carry is a polarizer, which we use frequently. Our primary film is Fujichrome Velvia, but we also use Ektachrome E100VS when conditions require a faster film.

Since that beginning twenty-seven years ago we have expanded the portfolio to include photographs from Hawaii to Alaska, from Maine to Florida, and, to borrow from Woody Guthrie, "from the redwood forests to the Gulf stream waters." We have been to Caribbean islands, New Zealand's glacier-clad peaks, Costa Rican rainforests, and European Alps. And still we return home to Trinidad, toss a kiss to the ocean and say, "hello, old-timers" to our friends, the redwoods.

Larry and Donna's most recent books include Wildflowers of California, Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country, Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest and Beyond the Golden Gate: California's North Coast from Companion Press, and Big Sur to Big Basin: California's Dramatic Central Coast from Chronicle Books.


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